If you’ve been curious about getting into the extensive world of juicing, there are
probably several things that you will want to know before you get started. The human
body relies on a multitude of chemicals that come from the food that you eat, but and
over-abundance of certain types can possibly cause issues that can lower your quality
of life. In the next few paragraphs, this article will be discussing a few tips to help you
become successful when you’re getting ready for a healthy juicing session.

Don’t Use Too Many High Sugar Fruits

This might be something that you already know, but it’s important to limit the amount of
sugar that you intake in day. Too much sugar can overload your system, play havoc
with your blood sugar, and just generally put your body out of its natural balance. Blood
Sugar spikes are particularly damaging because they disrupt processes and organ
functions. Pineapples taste great, but too much of it will negate many of the positive
aspects of the fruit. When you eat a fruit, you are taking in all the fruits contents which
includes its fibers and fleshy parts. When you juice it’s like creating a concentrate, so
you should adjust your expectations accordingly.

Add as Many Green Vegetables as Possible

Clearly, the addition of green vegetables could serve as a great benefit to your juicing.
This is especially true of superfoods like kale, but you should know that many
cruciferous vegetables like cabbage contain chemicals that should be limited to small
amounts and blended with other things. Using too much broccoli can reduce the
functionality of your thyroid. Rhubarb and spinach are great for you, but in high
amounts, the oxalates they contain can cause kidney stones to form.

Go Organic

Another of the very important things to pay attention to would be what kind of fruit that
you use. Organic fruits are less likely to contain unnatural pesticides that are common
among fruits and vegetables sold in the grocery store. If you juice fruits that contain
these compounds they can easily find their way into your drinks, and your body.

Drink Them with Fats

Lastly, fats are considered to be extremely important for nutrition because fats help your
body to absorb nutrients. This means that for the best results, you should drink your
juice with a small meal that consists of either animal proteins, or that you should mix in
some plant-based fats. These also have the added benefits to your joints and soft

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