Massage can be an amazing way to achieve a calm relaxed demeanor after a long hard day. You might have a friend or a loved one that you would like to help unwind, but where do you begin when you want to learn about massage? An excellent and easy place to start would be with scalp massage. The scalp is easy and most people are comfortable with that part of their body, so you may have some success reading this article to learn how to give a scalp massage.

Scalp Massage

Prepare For Giving A Massage

Before you start the massage, be sure to stretch, and relax your shoulders, wrists and then fingers. Keep your clients head supported, even cradling their head when needed.
Remove any jewelry that can cause a distraction to you or your client. Never break contact, and limit speaking or interrupting the massage. Plant your feet firmly, and make fluid motions. Be slow and rhythmic, use sparse nurturing language.

Pick an Oil

There are quite a few oils that you can use such as Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, and Avocado oil. The oils act as a scalp conditioner and can help control various types of skin issues of the scalp. You can even make a slightly more elaborate exfoliating scalp paste to help increase scalp health. You will normally want to do the massage before you do any cleansing activity on the scalp. Some may even choose to leave the oil in their hair until the next to reap extra benefits of sustained conditioning.

The Massage

Put a small half dollar sized portion of oil into the palm of your hand. Mix hands together with a lot of attention to applying it to your fingers because that’s where the primary points of contact will be. Use very small circular movements with all 5 fingers on both hands. Be sure to cover the entire scalp. Be sure to avoid any sort of scratching contact with your scalp. Your hair follicles can be very sensitive and could sustain damage.

Removing the Oil

When it’s time to remove the oil, try using a high-quality sulfate free shampoo. This should leave your scalp and hair healthy. If the oil that you used is very heavy, then you might need to use shampoo powder, or baking soda to help soak up the oil in a way that allows you to be able to rinse it out.

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