When you’re juicing, do you ever feel as if you wish your juice were sweeter? Lots of
people have wide taste ranges as well as a taste for something a bit sweeter when they
want to have some juice, but they might not know the best ways to do so. Some people
might be tempted to turn to some of the more widely known sweeteners, but many of
these tend to contain unnatural ingredients. If you’re curious about how you can go
about it, you might find some great tips on how to sweeten your juice naturally in the
next few paragraphs.

Try Honey

Honey is one of nature’s most healthy and effective sweeteners. For thousands of
years, humans have found multitudes of uses for this sweet, sticky substance. For this
use, organic honey is probably your best bet, because many store-bought brands will be
likely to contain things other than the honey. Honey also have great effects, as it has
been known for some time that ingesting honey from the local area can provide a buffer
for your body against local plant pollens that might cause irritation to your eyes, lungs,
and nose. It’s important to note that the honey and juice should be at room temperature
before you try to blend them.

You’d Never Guess: Salt

The tongue is an amazing organ with the ability to sense a massive range of tastes from
the most bold and present to the extremely nuanced of flavors. At times, there are some
flavors that can work with other flavors to create an enriched experience. Salt is one of
those flavors. Salt has a way of magnifying the sweet flavors in food, and it often
doesn’t take much to send your taste buds into orbit. Try sprinkling a small amount on
the rim of your glass or over the top of your drink to see what you might be missing.

pineapple juice,

A Little Goes A Long Way

When in doubt, you can simply add another high sugar juice to the mix. Juices like
pineapple juice, orange juice and cherries can add a lot of sweetness to your juice drink.
Just be sure to know that this will increase the sugar content of your juice quite
drastically. If you use too much, you might end up with juice that’s too sweet, and that is
never a fun thing to drink. Keep it conservative, and you could end up with the perfect
blend that anyone would love.

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