Although it has sour taste, lime (citrus aurantifolia) has many benefits, from as being used for flavouring beverage to supporting beauty. This fruit functions as expectorant, astringen, antiseptic and antioksidant. No wonder it becomes one of the most popular fruits in the world.

Lime for Health and Beauty

According to the historical data available, lime came from South East Asia before spreading to Africa, Europe and US. But whenever its origin, one should admit that it has many amazing benefits.

For instance, it works wonder for a smelly body. Having smelly body can reduce one’s confidence, right? That’s why some people also use it for washing their hands after eating.

For you who have oily skin, lime can solve the problem by causing the pores to contract. That is why this fruit is often used to reduce the oil on an oily face. By rubbing it on your face, particularly on your nose and forehead, you can overcome any problem that is commonly inherent in an oily face such as acne. Well, by opening your kitchen cabinet and with a few minutes of preparation you can find a safer, less expensive, and easy-to-use natural skin care.

The same goes for the skin of your head; lime can be used to vanish annoying dandruff. If you want to use this fruit as dandruff cure, first squezee it and use the water. Rub the water on your head skin and leave it for about half an hour. Then wash your head with water.

Having cold.and flu? Don’t worry! This fruit is a good home remedy for cold and flu. Boil three limes in 500 ml of water. Leave it until the amount of water become half of the original amount. Add honey and drink it warm.

If you get cut, smear its water on it. Although it is painful, the astringen substance will stop the cut from bleeding and cover it.

Last, don’t forget that this fruit is very juicy. Although not as rich as in other kinds of citrus fruits, Vitamin C contained in lime is much enough. You can make a fresh drink with it. Add sugar and ice to make it taste better. If you are experiencing throat ache, try to drink it. lime juice can also be drunk by dieting people. Vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin C are very good for maintaining a balance diet.

The benefits of lime are much longer than just these few. But as always, If you are in doubt, you should consult with any knowledgeable health professional before using it. There will be times when you do need modern medicines or supplements.

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