When you spend more time walking in the summer, you probably also get blisters.
Blisters form when your feet get moist and have traction from your shoes rubbing against your feet. This can happen during a walk, run, hike, or just spending the day at the lake or camping. Here are some natural ways to deal with your blisters.

Keep the Area Dry

Blisters tend to occur with the combination of moisture and friction. So if you are walking on a hike and your foot is moving around in your shoe while you are also sweating in that area, it can cause a blister. You need to keep the area as dry as possible, which can be done with either powder or deodorant. Powder works great to keep your foot and ankle dry while in your shoes. If you already have a blister, the feeling of powder against it while it rubs against your socks or even inside a bandage can be a little bothersome. In this case, use something cool and soothing like liquid deodorant. This will dry nicely. inside the bandage and will still keep the blister as dry as possible.

Soak the Area in Green Tea

Green tea is a great natural resource for reducing inflammation and helping your blisters to heal more quickly. You of course don?t want to use hot tea, but you do start by brewing the green tea. You can either use tea bags or the tea leaves themselves that are steeped in hot water. Once the tea is brewed, add a teaspoon of baking soda directly to the water with the teas till inside. Once this has cooled off, transfer it to a container or bowl your foot will fit into, then soak your foot in the mixture. This is going to provide a nice soothing feeling and allow it to start healing.

Rub Aloe on the Blister

The great magical aloe vera is another good natural remedy for blisters. Not only can it keep the area cool and soothed from blister pain, but it helps it to heal since the aloe plant is naturally an anti-inflammatory. Just rub some aloe or cold aloe vera gel on the blister, and cover it up with a bandage. You should always have blisters covered when you are going to walk with shoes that might cause friction in that area.

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