If you are looking for more seasonal scents and blends, why not go with the smell of apple cider? You probably see a lot of blends with scents like Christmas trees and gingerbread cookies, but why not go with something subtle and seasonal? The great thing about the apple cider blend is that it can work for fall and winter, so you have even more opportunities to use it.

Apple Cider-Scented Gift Ideas

Blends You Can Make

Before looking into the different types of gifts that use apple cider blends, you first need to put together this blend. The apple cider doesn’t actually use apple, as there is not an “apple” essential oil. Instead, you are going to use some of the other scents that remind you of this type of spiced cider, which really do make it taste just like your favorite cider to enjoy during the fall or winter holidays.

The scents you want to start with are ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange, and any other. spices you can think of or that you have on hand. Some blends that work great as a. cider blend include:

Orange, ginger, and cinnamon
Nutmeg, orange, and cinnamon

Experiment by adding one drop of each scent at a time to an empty amber glass bottle until you are happy with the final result.

Make Your Own Candles

There are a wide range of gifts you can make with your new apple cider-scented essential oil blend, starting with a simple one candles. The great thing about candles is that they are something everyone can use. Depending on the recipient, they might put it on their kitchen counter, in their bathroom, or even in the office. It is a versatile gift that isn’t difficult to make when you start with a candle-making kit.

Try Apple Potpourri

What better way to use apple, orange, cinnamon, and other spices in an essential oil blend than to make potpourri that smells just like apple cider? If you want your home to have the smell of this blend without actually burning candles, then potpourri is the next best thing. No need to worry about lighting a candle, and you can just leave out a bowl or jar filled with the homemade potpourri. Just add your oils to dried flowers and leaves, put it in a bowl without a lid, and place it in an area of your home where you would like to have this smell.

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