It’s no secret that eating right and getting the proper nutrients is something that you need to do to be physically healthy, but it’s been noted by professionals that very few people consider nutrition with mental health in mind. Some of this is influenced by much of the magic pill culture that surrounds discussions about mental health and its various conditions, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone who leans more toward treatments that come from natural methods that are being researched today. With that in mind, this is a short discussion of vitamins your body needs for mental health.

Vitamins Your Body Needs for Mental Health

Vitamins Your Body Needs for Mental Health

B Vitamins

Studies have concluded that there are a number of issues a person could suffer from that can be caused by a deficiency of specific vitamins. B Vitamins are essential for the formation of several key players in cognitive action. These vitamins are so important that a long-term deficiency can even lead to confusion, paranoia and mood swings. B1 is specifically responsible for the conversion of foods into glucose that feed the brain.

Vitamin C

This antioxidant serves so many purposes in the body, but where antioxidants are found, so are many other major health benefits. One thing that these chemicals can do, is help keep the brain healthy by reducing the chances of deteriorations. This can be especially dangerous for people over 70. Vitamin C also contributes to the amount of oxygen carried to various parts of the body by producing blood cells that carry it to important body parts.

Vitamins Your Body Needs for Mental Health

Vitamin D

This vitamin has been found to have some links to mental issues. The deficiency of vitamin D is well known to cause an increase in depression. This is closely related to the habit of spending time in the sub. Vitamin D created in the body by being in the sun can help keep depression a background and passing emotional state. There are also many foods that contain these amazing nutrients.


So much of what the body needs can be broken down into it’s most essential parts. Lack of magnesium can be very dangerous because that lack of this mineral can halt essential processes that are vital to human survival. This is because many nutrients can’t be absorbed without a high level of magnesium in your system. Try getting you
magnesium from foods that you already eat!

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