The cases of depression (especially in today’s youth) are rising.  In fact, the pre-school generation is the fastest-growing segment of the population to be clinically diagnosed with depression.

We place blame wherever we can – on our workplace, on bullying, or on our tight schedules.  But what we really need to do is find solution to an epidemic sweeping the nation at an alarming rate.

Some people don’t want to medicate their moods, or those of their children. Depression will happen to just about everyone at some point in life.  Whether it gets to the point where you need outside assistance depends on how good you can control the situation.

Instead of running to the doctor every time your mood is deflated, try using movement to produce serotonin (the feel good hormones) and see if you can use a natural approach to achieve your goals.

Even though it’s supposed to be considered a fundamental part of our lives, exercise is often known as an alternative cure for conditions such as depression because what’s normal in today’s society is to drug the problem and make it go away.

When depression takes root, you may find it more difficult to use movement and exercise as a mood-enhancer.  Many people who are depressed feel lethargic and would prefer to wallow in their current situation.

But just a little bit of exercise goes a long way.  Although it’s known as a “runner’s high,” you don’t technically have to pound the pavement at a fast pace to get the benefits of endorphin-driven movements.

Walking, strength-training, ad other forms of exercise can all help release endorphins in your body. Not only does it act as a stress-reliever, but it also provides pain relief, too as it blocks out pain signals from your nervous system.

As your endorphins support your elevated moods, they also help build your immune system, keeping you healthier and happier for a longer period of time.  You may still need to consult your physician if your depression continues to grow.

But even if he or she does put you on medication to control the situation, you can still benefit from the analgesic effect endorphin release has on your body every time you get off the couch and put your body into motion!

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