A co-worker of mine once had a troublesome cold a while back for weeks on end and because I had to add to my workload by splitting his share up with the rest in the office, I told him of a method to use as a cure for the common cold used by the Indians and some West Africans. (Okay, I’m not that insensitive-I told him this because I cared!)

Cure for the Common cold
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This method is known in Sanskrit (the Indian Language) as Neti or ?Nasal Irrigation).
It is the cleaning of the nasal portion of the respiratory system whose function is to allow air to come in contact with the circulating blood so exchange of the gases can happen.
If this sounds a little bit complex if you need a cure for your cold and are not trying to read all these facts, just believe this works as a cure for the common cold the way nothing else can. (well besides a fast?)

Neti (nasal irrigation) is unmatched in its ability to:

  • Clear the nostrils for freer breathing.
  • Reduce excess mucus.
  • Moisten the nasal canal; strengthen the eyes, because there is stimulation of the blood vessels of the nose and eyes via nasal irrigation.

Cure for the Common cold: Using Nasal irrigation (neti)

1. Using un-iodized TABLE SALT, add a level teaspoon of salt to 24 oz warm water.
2. Wash your neti pot (which is available in most health food stores).
3. Re- rinse internally and externally with drinking water.
4. Fill the pot (which holds about 8 oz) with the saline solution
5. Now tilt your head so your right nostril is uppermost over a sink or large basin
6. Pour the solution into the nostril and ensure to keep the mouth open to breathe.
7. After it all comes out, remain motionless for 30 seconds or so then blow the nose
Thoroughly and rinse out the mouth with drinking water.

Repeat steps 1-7 on the right nostril pouring through the left this time.

You can bend forward to ensure it all drips out or preferably perform 10-15 rounds of bellows breath (a breathing exercise that entails forcefully pulling the belly back towards the spine which pushes the stagnant air out of the lungs) to get all the solution out.

I found it pleasant and soothing after practicing it only once. Besides aiding as a cure for the common cold, it also ensures that blocked nasal passages as a result of irritants and pollutants are well loosened.

Furthermore it is said to have a marked cleansing effect on the sinuses and mind and helps to clean the anterior regions of the upper palate housing the olfactory organs. It even helps to cleanse to some degree the inner workings of the ear. Children using this product should be supervised by an able adult.

Cure for the Common cold

Cure for the Common Cold: Dietetic Suggestions

Moreover, to target the root cause of the common cold, now will be a good time to try one kind of a fast which could be
1. The use of Fresh Fruit juices.
2. The Broth of succulent and tasty steamed vegetables such as celery, cabbage etc
3. A mono-diet of a seasonal juicy fruit.

If like most people, you just cannot fast, well see to it that you abstain from all types of Animal Products, Breads, Grains and beans during this time. These substances have been known to either cause or aggravate the common cold along with other diseases and conditions including but not limited to the flu, asthma and diabetes.

This fact is based on research performed the renowned French Hygienist, Albert Mosseri and based on my personal experiences with curing my asthma, I definitely advocate his opinions. A good replacement for the less beneficial items listed above will be fresh fruits, roots and leafy vegetables for fuel.

So don’t be fooled into spending your money on drugs and nasal sprays as a cure for the common cold, it, like any other disease, can be alleviated by common-sense drugless healing alternatives, if only you know how.

With the steps above, you, like my co-worker, now know exactly how to cure you cold naturally for long-term success.

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