A natural remedy for chronic pain that shouldn’t be overlooked is using crystals. There are many crystals that are made from precious or semi-precious gemstones and other materials that grow naturally in the Earth, that can provide mazing healing powers. Here are some healing crystals to try for your chronic pain.

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This is an excellent crystal to start with when you have chronic pain. While amethyst also has many other healing abilities, one of the top healing benefits to having amethyst on you as much as possible is due to helping with pain. The best sources of chronic pain that amethyst crystals will help with include migraines and headaches. If you are someone that is used to chronic migraines, you know how debilitating they can be.


Another really good crystal to use, whether you wear it as a necklace pendant or rub it between your fingers when you have pain, is quartz. The great thing about quartz is that there are a lot of different types, and none of them are too pricey or difficult to find. Withquartz, it helps with general chronic pain, whether you have irritable bowel syndrome or
pain after having an injury.

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Arthritis and Joint Pain

Now let’s discuss not the individual crystals, but types of pain you might need crystals for. There are some crystals that fit a larger group of items that all help with the same source of chronic pain. First of all, there is joint and arthritis pain. With arthritis, you get inflammation and pain in your joints, but there are also other types of joint pain. If you. have this type of pain, both copper and chrysocolla are good healing crystals to use.

Menstrual Cramps

If you struggle with really bad menstrual cramps, or even chronic pain from your menstrual cycles, like severe ovulation pain from PCOS, then you can benefit from certain crystals. The ones that tend to help with menstrual-related pain are jade, moonstone, ruby, and kunzite. The chrysocolla can also help with menstrual pain.

Other Pain

For other types of chronic pain, there are more crystals you should keep close to you to help alleviate those symptoms. These include zoisite, jasper, obsidian, chlorite, citrine, agate, and chevron amethyst. You can use each crystal individually or combine them for maximum pain management. These are usually not difficult to find in gemstone jewelry
you can wear.

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