This form of treatment has been made use of for a far longer period of time than most people realize. It originated many centuries ago, but it has only become properly recognized in many western societies within the last few years. This form of treatment is where herbs and plants are used to provide the body with support in order to combat many adverse states. The adverse states can be divided into different types according to the energies that are affected by this state and different plants and herbs can be used to treat each adverse condition depending on what type of energy is affected or is causing the adverse state.

Each herb and plant that is used can have a different energy and this can determine which of the herbs can be most effective when attempting to combat the adverse condition of the body. There are four energies within the body and they are classified according to their heat, there are cold energies and hot energies as well as warm energies and cool energies. The exact symptoms of a disruption of the body’s energies can depend greatly on which is the energies has been affected. The plants that are used are typically of the opposite heat to the energy that is being disrupted or is the cause of the disruption.

There are many herbs that are used as part of a mixed selection of herbs in Chinese herbalism where there is one primary herb and other subordinate herbs that can help to provide support for the primary herb. There are many different ways in which a selection of different herbs can react to one another. It is these reactions that determine which herbs should be used in a selection together since a positive reaction between the herbs can provide the body with a range of benefits especially helping to provide support the immune system and help to rebalance the energies within your body. Some herbs may have negative reactions when used together so herbalists need to train for many years to have sufficient knowledge of herbs so that they can be aware of what reaction will occur when using particular herbs together.

This form of treatment is guided by the Chinese philosophies of health and philosophies regarding the body. This influences how problems within the body are dealt with and what manner of treatment can produce the greatest results as well as what ingredients are best to use in any given situation or condition. According to health philosophy the body has three physical components and two non-physical components, blood, Qi and moisture are the three physical components while Spirit and essence are the two non-physical components. It is the interaction of these five components that have such a large impact on the health of the body.

The selection of each herb to be used in the treatment of a particular ailment is largely influenced by which of the components in the body is affected as well as which energies within the body are effected. There are some plants and herbs that may have a beneficial effect on the energy being affected but have a negative effect on the component being affected. Therefore all ingredients to be used in a course of Chinese herbalism must be checked to ensure that they provide beneficial effects for both the components and the energies within the body.

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