While essential oils are often used for the scents, such as homemade candles, diffuser blends, and gifts like bath bombs or bath salts, you can also use the taste of them as well. This is when you add the oils to various baked goods, such as cookies and brownies. Take a look at these holiday treats you can make with some seasonal essential oils.

Brownies with Peppermint

The first treat idea for the holidays is really simple to make and starts with your favorite brownie recipe. With just some peppermint essential oil, you can turn any brownie mix into one that is perfect for the holiday season. Remember whenever you are adding oils to a recipe with foods you will consume, start small. These are pure oils, which makes the scent and flavor very strong. It is best to start with just a few drops, mix the brownie batter, then give it a little taste with a spoon. Only add more if you don?t taste the peppermint yet.

Cinnamon Baked Goods

Another type of holiday treat that uses essential oils includes baked goods with cinnamon essential oil. Like all oils, cinnamon is great alone or in a type of blend. You can make a lot of treats using cinnamon as a primary oil for both scent and flavor, including cookies, cupcakes, and scones. Cinnamon is great on its own, but it also complements other flavors as well, including nutmeg, vanilla, and even orange or lemon.

Fruit and Spiced Treats

Another type of treat you can make using seasonal essential oils is when you combine fruity and spicy. These are two popular aroma families for your essential oils. The fruity oils include sweet orange, lemon, grapefruit, and many more. Then for your spices, you have cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Combine these into treats like baked goods and homemade trail mix, and you have some delicious and festive snacks. You can also combine the oils to make your own cider or fruit punch during a holiday meal.

Experiment with different essential oils to get their scents and flavors into your holiday treats. From Christmas sugar cookies and brownies to more decadent desserts, there are many ways to go with oils. Remember for flavor, you only need a very small amount. These oils are even stronger than your pure extracts, so a few drops is really
all you need.

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