In the book, readers will discover medical supplies they need in their house, natural medicine alternatives, and organic painkillers that grow in their backyard, among other natural treatment plans.

Does Home Doctor live up to the hype? What will you learn in Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household? Please keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Home Doctor and how it works.

What is the Home Doctor?

Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household is an eBook and physical book sold exclusively online.

The book was created by many health researchers and doctors, including Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio, and Claude Davis. The trio wanted to create “a practical guide for when there is no doctor, pharmacy or hospital available.”

Across the 304 pages of Home Doctor, readers will discover alternative treatment plans, natural wellness solutions, and beneficial herbs and plants found in nature. Putting garlic in your ear before bed, for example, could relieve specific ear issues, and learning to recognize the signs of a heart attack before they can save your life.

Home Doctor isn’t designed to replace medical treatment. It’s specifically designed for people who do not have access to medical treatment – like those living in conflict zones, remote areas, or any place with limited medical infrastructure.

Home Doctor Features & Benefits

Home Doctor is marketed online as a line of defense when you don’t have access to modern medicine. The book comes with the following features and benefits:

  • Written and certified by medical doctors
  • Designed to help people in times of needs
  • Practical methods you can apply at home

Across the 304 pages, you can discover practical, natural wisdom you can implement today to solve various health problems. If you don’t have access to medical care or are in a remote area with limited infrastructure, then Home Doctor can help.

What Will You Learn in Home Doctor?

Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household contains practical information you can implement today or in your time of need.

Some of the information contained within the book includes:

10 Medical Supplies You Need to Have in Your House: Medical supplies run out quickly in an emergency. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, you should buy medical supplies today to ensure you have them when the time comes. Most medical supplies and pills on store shelves come from China and India. When supply chains get disrupted, it can make it difficult to find medical supplies. In-Home Doctor, readers will discover ten medical supplies they need to have in their house. The team explicitly recommends the painkiller Naproxen, which is over-the-counter and more potent than ibuprofen.

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in a Blackout: Blackouts can plunge the world into chaos. Whether you live in Venezuela or Texas, blackouts can have devastating effects. In-Home Doctor, readers will learn about the most extensive medical mistakes you can make during a blackout, including what to do with essential medications like insulin or Humira to protect them during a blackout.

How to Recognize a Heart Attack and What to Do Next: Recognizing a heart attack early could save your life. In-Home Doctor, you can discover the early warning signs of a heart attack, including pressure in your chest; discomfort or pain in your jaw, back, neck, arms, or stomach; shortness of breath; and cold sweat, nausea, or lightheadedness. If you experience even two of these symptoms, then you may want to call an ambulance. Before the ambulance arrives, the authors of Home Doctor recommend chewing on aspirin and pouring a vial of nitroglycerin under your tongue. You need to keep these items in your house for them to be readily available and valuable.

What Happens When Taking Expired Medication: Some expired medication is dangerous. Other expired medicine is harmless. Home Doctor teaches you what happens when you take expired medicines. Dr. Mabel and other doctors in Venezuela witnessed the effects of expired medication firsthand, and they were often forced to use expired medication for years after their expiration dates. In-Home Doctor, you can discover which medications are safe to take and which ones are not.

In-Home Doctor, you can discover four antibiotics to stockpile legally without a prescription. 4 Antibiotics People Stockpile: Modern antibiotics are lifesavers, and they prevent a common cold from turning into deadly pneumonia. They avoid a simple cut from becoming a life-threatening infection. These natural antibiotics contain distinctive substances that work in different ways to target bacteria. It’s unlikely you’ll encounter bacteria that withstand all four. By having these bacteria at home, you can give yourself the best possible chance of survival.


The Natural Painkiller Growing in your Backyard: Your backyard is home to a natural painkilling plant. Many people in Venezuela turned to this plant after their local pharmacies ran out of painkillers. Fortunately, the plant grows all over North America and Venezuela, making it easy for you to stock up on the natural painkiller before it’s too late.

How to Stockpile Prescription Medications Like Insulin: Stockpiling medicine can be the difference between life and death in an emergency. However, it cannot be easy to stockpile medication safely. In-Home Doctor, you can discover an ingenious way to stockpile prescription medicines like insulin. You can start using this system immediately for insulin and other medications that are notoriously hard to stockpile.

How to Quickly Recognize and Stop a Stroke: When dealing with a stroke, time is crucial. Spotting a stroke early can prevent lifelong damage. In-Home Doctor, you can discover the fastest way to recognize a stroke – and the one thing you must do immediately to improve your chances.

What Happens When Taking the Wrong Probiotics: Probiotics have never been more popular. However, taking the wrong probiotics can be dangerous for your health. They can trigger allergies, for example, and mess up your gut flora. In-Home Doctor, you can discover the difference between good and bad probiotics – and how to pick the perfect ones for you.

Home Remedy for the Flu and Other Respiratory Issues: The Home Doctor has a section on treating the flu and other respiratory issues at home. The authors describe this treatment plan as “a simple protocol” you can use at home if you don’t want to go to a hospital or cannot. The plan targets high fever, coughing, and other symptoms of flu.

How to Manage Skin Injuries and Conditions: Chapter 3 of Home Doctor covers skin and skin appendages, including managing skin conditions without professional medical care. The program discusses treatment plans for corns, warts, athlete’s foot, burns, scalds, dermatitis, fungal infections, insect bites, stings, abscesses, ulcers, and open wounds. One treatment plan involves putting egg whites on second-degree burns. Another section discusses how to treat an open wound at home.

Unnoticed Symptoms that May Point to Internal Inflammation: Internal inflammation can increase the risk of disease. In-Home Doctor, you’ll discover “little-known body signs” that indicate if you have hidden inflammation in your body at this moment.

1-Minute Stretch for Relieving Back and Neck Pains: Millions of people suffer from back and neck pain. Home Doctor discusses a 1-minute stretch you can use to relieve most back and neck pain. By performing this stretch at home, you can loosen muscles, reclaim mobility, and get back to living a happy and healthy life.

How to Perform a Breast Exam at Home: Home Doctor discusses how to perform a complete breast exam at home. You get a complete set of diagrams and instructions you can follow to put your mind at ease. Dr. Maybell perfected this breast exam method while working at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy.

Medicinal Uses for Leeches: Centuries ago, people used leeches to manage infections. The authors of Home Doctor claim that leeches “are an extremely effective and easy-to-use remedy for preventing a wound from festering.” When used correctly, leeches speed up healing. They can also lower blood pressure by decreasing the amount of blood flow, lowering stress on your arteries.

Eggshell Remedy and Other Home Remedies People Throw Away: You throw away things every day that could be useful as remedies. Home Doctor features 25 remedies made from things you usually throw away. You can turn eggshells into calcium pills, for example, that can be useful in emergencies.

Dental Care Without the Dentist: Home Doctor features a section on treating toothaches and mouth infections when you cannot visit a dentist. A dental infection can quickly become a nuisance, and then it can turn deadly. In-Home Doctor, you can discover how to take care of your dental infection the right way.

How to Determine if an Arrhythmia is Dangerous: Changes in heart rhythm and rate could indicate a serious problem. Or, they could be the early warning sign of a heart attack or stroke. In-Home Doctor, you can discover warning signs that distinguish benign arrhythmia from dangerous arrhythmia.

How to Remove Ingrown Nails: Removing an ingrown nail can be challenging. In-Home Doctor, you can discover a treatment plan to remove an ingrown nail and avoid a serious infection.

Top 10 Sought-After Bartering Items in Venezuela: During a pandemic, money may become less useful. You may need to barter items. Some items are more valuable than others. In-Home Doctor, you can discover ten non-medical items you must stockpile now. According to the Home Doctor team, these items became very precious, “and they could be traded for almost anything you needed – including medicine” after the economy collapsed.

Interesting Home Remedies from Our Grandparents: Our grandparents used home remedies to treat common ailments. In-Home Doctor, you can discover 40 home remedies that doctors still use or prescribe today. You can find how to fight headaches using a potato, for example, how to treat bug bites with toothpaste, how to lower a fever with vinegar, how to detoxify while you sleep by putting half an onion in socks, and how to make a cough syrup from black radish, among other home remedies.

A Natural Antibiotic Plant that Grows Near You: You can find a natural type of doxycycline in your backyard – if you know where to look. Home Doctor teaches you about a plant called usnea. Also known as an old man’s beard, the plant grows all over North America. With a little bit of preparation, you can turn it into an antibiotic tincture to increase its potency and long shelf life.

Why Keep Listerine in your Medicine Cabinet: Listerine isn’t just a good mouthwash. It can also play a crucial role in natural remedies. Listerine was invented in 1879 and intended for use as a surgical antiseptic. In Venezuelan hospitals, doctors use Listerine for different types of bacterial and fungal infections, wounds, gangrene, and diabetic foot issues, among other conditions.

How to Create a Cabbage Wrap for Inflammation: Wrapping cabbage around your body could help with inflammation. Cabbage leaves, according to the authors of Home Doctor, “are a great anti-inflammatory.” They contain compounds that can draw out poison or pus from a wound and speed up healing. This isn’t a folk remedy: it’s a natural treatment taught in medical schools.


Other Tips Found in Home Doctor

Other tips found in Home Doctor include:

  • Why you should always keep a stick of gum close by if your ears start to hurt
  • How to know what’s wrong if you’ve got abdominal pain
  • How to determine if your migraines are hiding a more severe problem
  • How to treat injuries caused by social unrest
  • How doctors keep their immunity high
  • How to use salt and oil for tooth and gum decay

How to Use Home Doctor

Home Doctor is a 304-page book of remedies, natural treatments, and other solutions. Some of these remedies can be found in your backyard. Others can be found in grocery stores. You may already own some of the ingredients used in these remedies.

Inside Home Doctor, you’ll discover:

  • Practical tips
  • Precise diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions

By taking advantage of this information, you can become a home doctor yourself. Home doctors are self-reliant people who can take care of themselves and their families when needed.


Home Doctor Pricing

Home Doctor is priced at $37. You can choose whether you want a print or digital copy. If you buy the print copy, then you need to pay a small shipping fee.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • Print Version: $37.00 + $8.99 Shipping
  • Digital Version: $37.00

If you buy the print version, you get both the print and digital copy of Home Doctor.

Bonuses Included with Home Doctor

As part of a 2021 promotion, all Home Doctor purchases come bundled with two bonus eBooks, including:

Bonus eBook #1: Wild Edibles You Can Forage for or Find Around Your House: This eBook teaches you how to identify plants that grow all over North America. These are life saving herbs that people in Venezuela ate when they couldn’t afford to buy food from the market anymore. You can discover how to identify wild edibles and take advantage of the supermarket in your backyard.

Bonus eBook #2: Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans: Native Americans live in North America longer than anybody. In this eBook, you can discover healing secrets used for centuries by indigenous populations across the continent. The plants they used are still abundant. By learning how to identify them and turn them into remedies properly, you can use centuries of wisdom for your treatment plan.

Home Doctor Refund Policy

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs all Home Doctor purchases. You can request a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked.

If you’re unhappy with the information in Home Doctor or did not like the natural treatment plans in the book, you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days of your purchase date.

Final Word

For thousands of years, our ancestors used natural remedies to treat problems. In-Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household, you can discover practical remedies you can implement today.

The information in Home Doctor is designed to help when you are unable to access standard medical infrastructure. Some of the information was developed based on a doctor’s experience in Venezuela, who saw the breakdown of medical infrastructure firsthand.

To learn more about Home Doctor: Practical Medicine for Every Household or buy the book online today, visit the official website: GO TO OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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