Ayurveda is the practice of healing your body from within to create a better balance and
start to naturally heal various conditions and issues with your mind and body. It can also
be wonderful for natural beauty when you begin adapting the right principles. Here are
some different ways Ayurveda can help with your natural beauty.

Ayurveda Helps with Natural Beauty

Adjust Skin Care for the Reason

Ayurveda is all about using more natural products and really trying to heal your body.
This includes when you are trying to take good care of your skin. A big part of this is
knowing when to adjust your skin care according to the season, weather or climate.
While in the summer, you might want to use products that keep your skin dry due to
additional sweating from the hot sun, you should use more moisturizing products in the
winter when the dry air affects your skin.

Exfoliate Gently with Sugar

Exfoliation is an important part of your skin care routine, but when you are using
practices of Ayurveda, you want to use products that are as natural as possible. For this
purpose, use sugar to make your own exfoliating product, but not just any sugar. Try to
use raw sugar if you can, or switch to a soft brown sugar for those seasonal face scrub
recipes. Avoid anything store-bought that might contain additives or artificial ingredients.

Use Natural Products for Moisture

When you want to add in more moisture to your face, you should also think of holistic
products or anything that is in its most natural state. You can use herbs that have
moisture in them, such as an aloe vera plant. Not the aloe vera gel you get from the
drug store, but try to use the actual plant?s gel to apply as a mask to your face. You can
also use oils like coconut oil and olive oil on your skin when you have a major drying
problem in the winter.

Reduce How Much Makeup You Use

Finally, choose your makeup wisely. Stick to the makeup brands that don?t promote
cruelty to animals and that provide only light coverage. Try to reduce how much makeup
you use in general, including how often. If you want to wear makeup in the evening for a
date night, try to go bare or close to it during the day. This will help your skin to hydrate
properly and avoid unnecessary irritation.

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