You don’t realise it yet, but in the next two minutes, you’re going to learn about an amazing natural and drug-free therapy that could release you from the shackles of your chronic back pain.

Magnetic Therapy

You see the truth is, your back pain is a THIEF! In fact, it’s robbing from you right now as your sitting and reading this. Yes you heard right, it’s robbing you of the FREEDOM to:

1. Perform simple day to day tasks e.g. gardening, driving

2. Enjoy a good nights sleep

3. Feel energised and refreshed

4. Have peace of mind, free from depression and anxiety

5. Play with your kids

6. Bend & stretch to reach things

7. Maintain a fully independent lifestyle

The No.1 Cause of Disability

Millions are suffering like you across the world! In fact according to the UK ‘Back Care’ Charity, there are AT LEAST 1.1 million people suffering from back pain each year. Back Pain is cited as being the main cause of disability in U.K. Every year over 150 million working days are lost due to back pain.

The picture across the waters in the US tells a very similar story. According to American Chiropractic Association, at any given time, there are approximately 31 million people experiencing some form of back pain.

According to the World Health Organisation

“More people in Canada, the U.S., and Finland are disabled from working due to musculoskeletal disorders, especially back pain, than any other group of diseases.” (Badley et al 1994)

Time for a Change…Don’t You Think?

Clearly those figures are not going to fill you with sunny optimism, but here’s something that will. I’m talking about a therapy that uses the awesome forces of nature to help you get your life back.

It’s been in use since about 2000 B.C. The ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Indians, swore by it. Archimedes praised its amazing therapeutic powers.

Today, it has many well-known devotees such as Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, and Sir Anthony Hopkins. And, it was approved in February 2006, for use by the National Health Service.

Let me introduce the phenomenal power of Magnetic Therapy as your heavyweight contender in the fight against your back pain.

Magnetic Energy is all natural; in fact the earth itself is a huge magnet. Magnetic Therapy uses this powerful energy to stimulate and kick start your bodies own healing processes.

The therapy itself is a non-invasive and safe method of applying static or pulsed magnets, either directly above the point of injury or near a major artery. These high strength magnets generate a Magnetic Field that is powerful enough to penetrate right through the skin and bones, down to the cells.

How Magnetic Therapy Can Affect Your Back’s Pain & Inflammation

When your body sustains an injury or viral attack, the surrounding tissues at the site of injury will show up as being highly acidic.  If the body remains in this state for an prolonged duration, a condition known as ‘Acidosis’ develops. 

Research has shown Acidosis to be a significant factor in degenerative diseases, such as Osteoarthritis,  type II Diabetes, Cancer and Irritable Bowel Disease. It is believed that these diseases are acute acidic reactions which have developed over time into Chronic conditions.

This acidic state makes it difficult for the damaged cells and tissues to absorb oxygen. As you may be aware, your cells & tissues need oxygen to survive. Therefore, if the condition is left untreated over an extended period of time the cells and surrounding tissues will eventually die.

However, you will be pleased to hear that the application of a Negative Magnetic Field can reverse this process.  The reason being that when Magnets are applied directly above the site of injury, the Negative Field is able to penetrate down to the cellular level, the iron content present within your blood cells becomes responsive to it.

This reaction results in improved blood circulation. One of the functions of blood is to take oxygen and nutrients from the heart out to the cells, tissues and vital organs in the body. Therefore, improved blood circulation means that more oxygen and nutrients can be transported out to the damaged cells and tissues a lot more efficiently.

This booster supply of oxygen and nutrients enables the bodies own healing processes to work at an accelerated rate. In the midst of all this activity, the brain sends out signals to release the body’s natural painkillers, i.e. Endorphins.

Magnetic Therapy is not only effective at reducing pain, but also tackling Inflammation. One of the key benefits to this therapy is that it works with the body to reduce the pain, whereas traditional drugs treatment ‘block’ or suppress the pain signals. In the effect, they temporarily mask the problem.

Inflammation is the body’s primary healing response to damaged tissues or attacks from viruses or bacteria.

When the body comes under attack, the brain initiates the defence sequence of sending out the White Blood Cells (think of them as the bodies ‘heavy mob’ who are always on the look out for trouble, aka the viruses, foreign bodies etc) to the site of injury or location of foreign bodies.

The white blood cell’s job is to devour the foreign bodies and then release chemicals into the surrounding tissues. It is these chemicals that trigger inflammation.

Inflammation causes blood vessels to increase in width to make allowance for the increased amount of blood going to the site of injury. The blood transports the white blood cells, platelets, nutrients and oxygen to the area at an accelerated pace. Fluid flows from the blood vessels and leaks into the damaged tissues causing swelling. The swollen area becomes puffy and warm to touch.

White blood cells will maintain their position at the point of injury, and the brain will continue to send reinforcements until the battle is won. However, if there is a continued highly concentrated presence of white blood cells in the blood, this could indicate that something very serious is going on in the body.

The Magnetic Field benefits inflammation by drawing out excess fluid and toxins from the surrounding tissues and then expelling them, on route, via the Liver and Kidneys.

Once the excess fluid and toxins are removed the swelling will begin to reduce.

The improved blood circulation and tackling of inflammation, leaves the way open for the body to be able to HEAL ITSELF efficiently.

According to James Braly M.D., Medical Director of Immuno Labs, Fort Lauderdale, inflammation, which is one of the key manifestations in chronic pain is often triggered by an allergic reaction. The reaction will usually stem from food allergies. Thus if you feel as though you have tried all or most of the proven methods of pain relief, and are still not having any joy, then testing for food allergies is probably the way to go. In addition, Dr. Braly also recommends enforcing a strict limit on foods which are high in saturated fat content, such as dairy products, red meats, hydrogenated fats, alcohol and caffine.

So, you may well be wandering what is the bottom line here, I would say that the net effect of Magnetic Therapy has to be that it essentially tips the pain relief scales in your favour, i.e., you control the Back Pain instead of the Back Pain controlling you.

The main benefits that you can get from Magnetic Therapy are that it:

1. Is a drug free alternative to manage pain

2. Uses natural energy

3. Has stood the test of time

4. Is constantly advancing – the amount of evidence and studies about it’s effectiveness continue to grow year on year

5. Won’t mask pain, it attacks the source

6. Can make you feel less stressed and more energised

7. Can be used to treat mild depression

8. Relieves or eliminates pain & inflammation

9. Improves circulation

10. Is a cost effective option to paying for prescriptions

11. Longer lasting pain relief than traditional pain killers

12. Puts you in control of your pain

Try it today; you’ve nothing to lose except your pain!


– The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only. The author of this article is not a medically trained physician; therefore, any theories or suggestions put forward are intended to supplement and not replace the advice of medically or legally trained professionals.

– All matters concerning your health require medical supervision.

– Please ensure that you consult your GP prior to adopting any suggestions put forward by Magnetics 4 Back Pain, as well as about any condition that may require medical diagnosis or medical attention.

– Magnetics 4 Back Pain is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury sustained either directly or indirectly from information put forward in this article.

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