What kind of food do you like to eat? Most people like to believe that they have a
relatively balanced diet, but a careful examination of habits and trends might suggest
otherwise. If this is an issue for you, it’s possible that supplementing part of your
nutrients can be done by as simple as adding some kind of juice to your diet. That way,
you can simply drink the nutrients you need and go on about your day, but how do you
do that? The next few paragraphs will explore a few tricks that you can try.

Juice as Part of a Healthy Diet

Learn A Few Rules

People forget that the human body is a timely machine in a lot of ways. It can only
perform so many tasks at once. That’s why learning a few rules can be very important. If
your body is working too hard, that can contribute to system failures. For example, when
you eat a carbohydrate, it’s best to stick with eating those until they have digested.
Why? Carbohydrates require different enzymes than a lot of other foods. Eating
potatoes and sugary drinks is a good way to pack on the pounds because the insulin
response will cause the body to store the sugars in the form of fat.

Cucumber for The Win

If you?ve committed yourself to the idea that you?re going to have to drink a lot of nasty
green drinks that taste terrible, then you’ll be relieved to know that it doesn?t have to be
the case. Adding cucumber can actually mask the taste of stronger tasting vegetables.
After you’ve mellowed out that flavor, you can feel free to ass a green apple or a few
strawberries to keep things tasting like a blessing instead of a punishment.

Grab A Power Up

Aside from just blended fruits and vegetables, there are a lot of other things that you
could throw into the mix like spices, herbs and other vegetation. You can get a
powdered version of a superfood like seaweed that you can add to your drinks one
scoop at a time if you wish.
Wheat grass has bowel and blood cleansing properties. That would be a great thing to
have on hand so that you can easily add more nutritional benefits without having to find
yet another plant that could possibly go bad within 2 days of purchase.

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