There are a wide range of DIY gifts you can make for friends and family during the holidays, all of which use essential oils. This includes gifts like homemade candles, bath salts, and even shaving cream. However, if you want gifts that are easy to make or that you can use right in your own home, think of scented pinecones. You can use these to top Christmas gifts, give to others, or keep in your own home to enjoy the scents you use with them.

How to Make Scented Pinecones

The Direct Approach

The first way you can make your scented pinecones is simply by combining pinecones with your essential oils. These will be much stronger in scent, and will also use more of your oils. If you have plenty to spare and not a lot of time, it can be a good option. All you need to do is get a large plastic bag, put your pinecones inside, and drop about 5-10 essential oils to start with. These can be the same scent or a combination of seasonal scents. Blends also work great for this. Zip up the plastic bag and give it a good shake. Let it sit there while the pinecones absorb the oils to get the strongest scent possible.

Combining Essential Oils with Water

If you don’t want the pinecones to use straight essential oils, you can use water as well.
This not only allows the scent to be a little subtler and not so overpowering, but it also uses less of your oils so it costs less money as well. These are great when using them to top presents or add to other scented items at home when decorating for the holidays.
For this idea, you will once again have pinecones in a large zipper plastic bag.

However, instead of putting the oils directly into the bag, you will get a spray bottle with distilled water and add the oils to the spray bottle. Give it a gentle shake and spray the pinecones inside the bag. Once again, it helps to let them sit like this to soak up the oils and get the strongest scent you can.

These are two of the easiest ways to make scented pinecones. You might want to try them with just a few pinecones to see how you like the scent, then continue the method with more if you are going to make a big bowl of them or give them out as gifts.

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