One of the most popular essential oil blends is one that smells like a Christmas tree.
That way, you can use the blend inside your house and have it smell like a real tree, even if you don’t have the space or resources for a live tree. Here are some different blend combinations to make everything smell like a real, life Christmas tree.

a Blend That Smells Like a Christmas Tree

Fir, Spruce, Orange, and Nutmeg

This first blend recipe is going to be one you probably see the most often. It includes four basic essential oil scents that are often used to make forest or woody scents, particularly those that are meant to smell just like a living Christmas tree. It includes combining fir, with spruce, orange, and nutmeg. The fir is popular for Christmas tree scents, plus the spruce adds to this woody scent. Then the nutmeg and orange add a little extra spice and fruity scent to it.

Fir, Cedarwood, and Juniper Berry

Here is another combination of woody and fruity essential oils that make the blend smell just like a Christmas tree. This one also starts with the fir essential oil, which you will see in a lot of these Christmas blends, since it really smells just like a live Christmas tree. You can then add another woody scent in cedarwood. Juniper berry is slightly sweet and slightly woody, so it is the perfect combination for this Christmas tree blend.

Pine, Cedarwood, and Idaho Blue Spruce

This fun Christmas tree blend will start with two basic tree essential oil scents, including pine and cedarwood. If you have fir, you can replace either of these scents with that oil.
You are then going to add a little bit of the Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil. This is exactly a type of blend, though it sounds like its own type of tree scent. The Idaho Blue Spruce oil contains some of the pine scent, along with limonene, lemon, and grapefruit oils and mixed together. It is a fresh, forest-like smell.

Wild Orange, White Fir, Cassia

The last combination you can use for a Christmas tree blend is going to use a special type of orange essential oil called wild orange. It is a little less sweet than the sweet orange, but slightly more earthy than traditional orange essential oil. To make it smell more like a Christmas tree, add in a little bit of your cassia, and some fir or white fir scent.

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