Skin care should not be complicated but it should definitely work – using natural products to care for the skin not only cleanses and tones beautifully, but it’s also one hundred percent natural with no preservatives or synthetic ingredients.

Herbs and natural ingredients have been used for thousands of years as effective cleansing tools for the skin and it has only been within the past two hundred years that women have turned away from traditional remedies to store-bought concoctions. Some of these over-the- counter soaps and treatments can have harsh side effects due to the manmade ingredients, among them dry skin, irritation and redness – no one wants any of that!

For the simplest and smartest skin care routine, turn to natural products that won’t strip or irritate even the most sensitive of skins. Gentle cleansers with chamomile are excellent all- around performers, cleaning the skin and removing dirt and grime from the pores almost effortlessly. The chamomile soothes skin and prevents redness. Some cleansers also include cucumber, which acts as a calming influence and can reduce irritation.

For those with oily or combination skin, choose a cleanser that incorporate tea tree oil to cut back on sebum production and decrease bacteria within the pores that can lead to acne. Tea tree oil is excellent for reducing acne and pimples without creating further redness or inflammation.

People with dry skin should look for rich, soothing creams that incorporate soothing ingredients like chamomile or frankincense to enhance skin’s moisture level and prevent premature wrinkling.

Natural skin care has many advantages over typical products that include long lists of artificial ingredients on the packaging. By using only the purest ingredients from certified organic sources, natural cleansers and toners ensure that your skin is receiving the best care possible from the most natural source. You could smear preservatives all over your face and hope for the best – or you could use an all-natural product and watch your skin regain vibrancy and health, and bloom in a matter of days. The choice is up to you.

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