If you’re like most people, you probably do your best to budget time and energy for your daily tasks. With the technology people use becoming so available, every person is now more accessible for social interactions, work communications and more. Stress makes it easier for people to neglect themselves, and one of the first things to go by the wayside is nutrition. Smoothies are an excellent solution to the time crunch, but which vegetables are great in smoothies? This article will be focusing on the a few ideas you can try.


This might seem very strange to some people, but seaweed has developed in an environment that has made it extremely plentiful and nutritious. There are many different types of seaweed that have been found to contain essential nutrients that benefits people. Most of these great nutrients are minerals like magnesium and manganese.

Seaweed also carries an unexpectedly large amount of antioxidants, so that makes it an amazing candidate for juicing. One of the most important parts of seaweed though, is its extremely high iodine count. Iodine is an important building block of the hormones created in the thyroid gland. You can juice it with tomatoes to give it a more pleasing flavor.


Even though carrot is an extremely common vegetable, it still holds a massive amount of importance to your diet. The carrots juice pairs extremely well with lots of other flavors without being too overbearing, and it even can be slightly sweet. When you juice carrot, try putting it with another vegetable like cucumber, or a leafy green vegetable.
They are high in potassium, Vitamins A and often contain a good amount of B vitamins.


Celery might not be at the top of everyone list for their favorite thing to juice, but the health benefits that it provides can?t really be ignored. Celery is heavily antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat a variety of issues related to inflammation.
Since you probably won?t want to juice it and drink it alone, you can try juicing celery with other vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, and other leafy greens.


A lot of people seem to forget that beets exist. These vegetables are some of the most
nutrient rich foods that you can find in the store. Beets are high in potassium, vitamin C,
and choline. They have a nice flavor that can pair well with other vegetables, and they
will give your juice drinks a very pleasing beautiful color.

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