As we know this earth is getting more polluted the human being is more getting captivated to different kinds of diseases. He is becoming more and more moderanised in the same way the diseases are also following him and attacking him in one or the other way. Now a days this cancer has become one of the major deadly disease which is trembling the human kind. This has number of kinds which can attack any part of the body. One among them is this brain cancer which attacks the brain. The brain is one of the core part of the body.

Prevent brain cancer

The brain, like any other tissue in the body, is made up of individual cells which are much smaller than a pinpoint, and require a microscope to see them. These cells are the smallest units which compose the brain, and there are several different types. A brain cancer can arise from any of the cells which make up the brain.

Brain cancer starts in just one cell. As the cell makes more and more copies of itself, it grows to form a tumor (which means a swelling). A benign tumor stays where it starts, although it can grow very large and press on crucial areas. In contrast, a malignant tumor has a capacity to spread, and is then called “brain cancer”. “Primary” brain cancer starts within the brain, and is the main subject of this transcript. In contrast, “secondary” brain cancer starts in some other organ (like lung or breast) and then spreads to the brain. This is called “brain metastasis”.

Like any cancer, the exact reason why one person gets brain cancer and another doesn’t is unknown. However, several things have been found to increase the risk of developing brain cancer:
1) Having rare family diseases, which present with cysts or bumps on or inside the body and high risk for brain tumors.
2) Exposure to certain chemicals, including chlorinated hydrocarbons (like PVC) and benzene, is associated with a higher risk of brain cancers.
3) Exposure to radiation has also been connected to developing brain cancers as well as other malignancies. The risk is greater if the person is exposed to at a young age to a higher dose. Pre-existing benign type tumors may become cancerous (called “malignant degeneration) if radiated.

This depends upon where in the brain the cancer arises, and how big it becomes before coming to medical attention. The brain has particular areas controlling thought, sight, hearing, sensation, movement, coordination and mood. The upper brain area tends to control the more advanced thought functions, while the middle controls mood and movement and the rear (or “brain stem”) stimulates breathing and heart rate. A tumor simply means a swelling, and isn’t necessarily cancer.

After hearing that you have cancer, your life is forever changed. This impact can be very emotional and very difficult to cope with. Everyone reacts differently but it is important not to feel alone or loose hope. No matter what stage of cancer or what type of cancer you have been diagnosed with, we believe that HOPE itself can be a great healing tool. People are realizing that they have choices in the type of health care they receive.

It is critical for the patient to get the correct treatment for brain cancer, the first time. He may go in the direction of the suggestions which he get from his dear ones or the physician. Here the patient should be careful to choose the right one for him. So that he may not go for the second attempt in his treatment. What we insist is to take the right decision in his treatment. Here at our center we treat you with the natural dietary supplements which are herbal and cures the disease with no side effects. Truly to speak the patient gets panic when he listens to this that he has been attacked with this deadly disease but he has to make up his mind and have a firm mind that he will get out of it and get treated with it with no crisis.

Medical research has shown that “activated” patients who ask questions and seek alternative medical care that feels right to them heal better than patients who passively comply with whatever the doctor recommends. People are realizing that serious diseases can be successfully treated with therapies that enhance the immune system and restore the body systems. They recognize that this approach stands in sharp contrast to the debilitating and often unsuccessful results from chemotherapy and radiation.

Activated patients from all over the world are now seeking alternative/complementary treatments for diseases that are often considered incurable by conventional doctors. More and more patients are regaining their health with these type therapies.

Effective alternative therapies are now available that offer patients a newfound hope for healing and the restoration of health. Nutritional medicine, detoxification therapies, lifestyle changes and psychological healing are but a few of the choices available today. These powerful therapies aim to restore the natural wisdom of the body. This is the future of medicine — choices for better health.

Medical treatment at our center focuses on the whole person, not just on the cancer. For example, when oncologists treat cancer using chemotherapy and/or radiation, they are focusing these powerful treatments on the cancerous tumor, which they consider to be the disease. We believe that the tumor is a symptom of many other chronically disturbed body systems. If a treatment like chemotherapy reduces the size of a tumor but does not address the various factors that allowed it to grow in the first place, then we feel treatment has been incomplete and recurrence is likely.

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