If you are someone that likes to pamper yourself, that shouldn’t stop in the winter. The
following spa-like treatments can be done right at home and will make you feel
rejuvenated all winter long.

Spa Treatments

Face and Body Scrubs

The first great way to pamper yourself with an at-home spa experience is with scrubs.
These are wonderful for your skin, since they exfoliate away dead skin cells and leave
behind a refreshed, smooth finish. Not only should you use scrubs on your face and
neck, but on your body as well. They are great to smoothing out rough, dry areas and
getting rid of dry skin that clogs your pores. You can make your own scrubs with just a
few ingredients, including salt or sugar, some oils like coconut or argan oil, and scents
from essential oils.

Face Masks

Face masks are another way to pamper yourself at home. If you want to have a spa
night with your girlfriends or your kids, you can either get face masks from your local
store, or make them yourself. Sheet masks are often easier to get from the store, and
there are many to choose from with more natural ingredients. You can also make your
own masks with simple natural ingredients you have in your kitchen.

At-Home Facials

Who doesn’t love a good facial? If you like going to a spa or salon, definitely still do that
this winter! Your skin can benefit from gentle facials, but be careful with any varieties
that use drying of your skin. For cold weather, you want to stick to the gentle,
moisturizing facials. At home, this often uses a lot of kitchen ingredients and oils that
provide moisture. This include masks and simple skin facials using ingredients like
apple cider vinegar, sea salt, avocado, aloe vera gel, argan oil, and coconut oil.

If you want to go to a spa and get skin treatments during the winter season, make sure
you use an experienced esthetician that knows skin types and how to change
treatments according to the season. If you have a skin disorder that already is affected
from dryness, like rosacea, you want to avoid chemical peels, since they are much too
harsh for your skin. Instead, try a mild microdermabrasion treatment, as this won?t
typically cause more problems. A dermatologist can also give you some insight into the
right facials for your skin type.

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