Everyone who is a parent at some point has really wondered if there was a way to get rid of the painful feelings associated with teething. This is not something that is impossible, but providing the comfort that your baby longs for can be a very trying period in your life. The pain that your child is experiencing is never easy to correct, but you are no doubt going to think that it is impossible without using extremely powerful medications. Helping your baby does not have to be futile, but there are a lot of great options to explore.

Your first option should be trying to find something that is hard for your baby to chew on. There are several different types of biscuits and cookies that are created for this specific purpose. The hardness of the biscuit will help to soothe the pain and also makes a great snack for your baby. It is important to use biscuits that are made specifically for this purpose to get the best results though.

For a different option, there are plenty of different types of teething rings that are available. These work well when they are frozen and placed in the freezer. Keeping them in the freezer until they are completely frozen is best since they will provide the most comfort. An alternative to this is a washcloth that is clean and extremely cold.

There is another option that is also available to you, taking a very cold bottle of water and giving this to your baby can also be extremely effective. It will provide a bit of comfort to the gums and can allow you to soothe substantially the discomfort that they feel.

You can also use an extremely cold apple slice for your baby as well. This will often distract your baby from worrying about the discomfort as they try to determine exactly what the apple is, and work to eat it. This can help you to really reduce their discomfort simply by distracting them. You can also wrap the apply slice in a small wash cloth as well if they are too small to actually eat the apple.

Another option is to take a very cold wash cloth and wrap it around your finger. This would them be used to rub across the gums gently. The pressure of rubbing the gums is often enough to help really reduce the pain that is felt, while still allowing your baby a very natural remedy to their pain. Be very careful not to rub too harsh though or you could actually cause your baby further discomfort.

With some patience and calm handling, you can help to soothe the pain that your baby is feeling without the usage of any medication. There is no reason at all why you should ever use alcohol or even medication for your baby while they are teething. You will be glad that you tried a natural home remedy that is completely safe so that you can ensure the best results for your baby while still getting the maximum amount of relief. You can just imagine how happy your baby will be once the pain stops, plus this will even allow you a bit of relief as well since a teething baby is never much fun to deal with.

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