It’s pretty safe to say that during the course of an average lifetime, most people
probably see hundreds, if not thousands of skincare products. Many of them are made
by unnatural means that can cause painful damage or irritating discomfort after
prolonged use. If you have sensitive skin, or you are strict with yourself about what
kinds of products that you will use, then that reduces options. Fortunately, micellar
water is easy, natural and gentle on your skin, so this article will be sharing how use this
marvelous product.

What Is Micellar Water

This wonderfully effective beauty tool is made of things called micelles, which are
engineered to attract and make impurities more available for easy removal. It comes in
specific varieties according to their use, but each can be used in a more ways than one.

Remove Makeup

Do you wear waterproof makeup sometimes? The have a formula of micellar water that
you can use to remove your toughest makeup. You simply dip a cotton ball into a small
amount of the fluid, and begin wiping it away. Micellar water is made so that it picks up
the residue on your face very quickly so you can get on with your night or do touch ups
without having to go over old makeup from earlier in the day. That means no more
spending 30 minutes cleaning your face so you can get to bed quickly and be ready for
a new day.

Clean Makeup Tools

Micellar water is also great for cleaning your makeup tools. This will make the
application process much easier and help you to preserve your make up tools, and it?s
very gentle so it?s great for sensitive utensils like that expensive makeup brush set that
you got for half price.

After Workout Cleansing

When you’ve been sweating for about 3 hours, the best things for you is to get that
waste off of the surface of your skin, you can easily take some micellar water with you
to the gym, and dab it onto a towel or facecloth so that you can get your face feeling
clean and fresh.

Replace Your Sanitizer

One of the best things about micellar water is its gentleness, but a close second is the
fact that it doesn’t dry out your skin after use. This means that you can replace that
stinging chemical burn feeling caused by regular hand sanitizers and replace it with
some nice soothing micellar water.

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