For women suffering from hot flashes during menopause and perimenopause, finding a cure is often a long process.  But amid all of the synthetic treatments on the market, none compare to natural herbal treatments that have been used for centuries by women in the know.

Evening primrose oil - Natural Herbs to Curb Hot Flashes

 Hot flashes, which are noted by increased heat and flushing in the face, is common among women approaching menopausal age, and some are afflicted by severe symptoms.  Finding relief in the form of natural herbs helps eliminate stress that accompanies the problem.

 While hormone therapy is used by many women, others prefer the natural route, taking doses of Vitamin E and Vitamin B to aid in the easing of symptoms.  But herbs play an important role in natural hot flash therapy.

Flaxseed, also known as linseed, is used in whole seed and oil form to help ease hot flash symptoms. While there is no hard scientific evidence to back up the support of this claim, women have used it successfully for years.

 Evening primrose oil is another herb commonly used to treat hot flashes during menopause.  However, this botanical is sometimes accompanied by side effects such as diarrhea and nausea.  It’s important to talk to your doctor before combining evening primrose with other medications, such as blood thinning drugs, because it could cause adverse reactions.

  Soy products such as plant estrogen, which is found in isoflavones, contribute an estrogen-similar effect to the body to weaken hot flash symptoms.  Many women concentrate on using soy-based food products to treat hot flashes, not soy supplements.

 Another herbal remedy for hot flash symptoms during menopause and perimenopause is the use of black cohosh.  As a short-term remedy, it works well.  But side effects can include an upset stomach, so it needs to be used carefully.

 With so much controversy in the news about hormone replacement therapy, it’s important that women find reliable natural ingredients they can use to treat various symptoms associated with menopause. 

The herbs mentioned here only serve as a small reminder of natural cures you can find to treat a single symptom – hot flashes.  There are dozens of other herbs that can help alleviate the other menopausal symptoms women have to endure over the years.

VIDEO: Using Natural Herbs to Curb Hot Flashes.

Curb your hot flashes

Hot flashes can be a serious challenge to a woman’s quality of life. Hot flashes can interrupt a woman’s sleep and make it difficult to concentrate on other tasks. Although some treatments are available, there are also natural remedies that can help provide relief.

Hot flashes are an unpleasant phenomenon. They are caused by hormonal changes in the body and can be quite uncomfortable.

The first step in preventing hot flashes is to recognize what is triggering them. For some women, hot flashes are triggered by stress, being underweight, or a change in weather.

However, we cannot control what causes our bodies to have hot flash due to hormones changes. We can only help our bodies stop them from happening by doing certain things such as taking medication or changing our diet.

There are also other methods that you can do at home such as dressing in layers and applying gentle pressure on certain acupressure points on your wrist or neck


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