There are few things that are as rewarding in a relationship as the basic touch that you share when you are engaging in daily activities. When two people come together to affirm emotional connections, and build trust, touch can play a massively pivotal role in their development. One way that you can intensify trust and your emotional connection can be through massage, but you might not know how to carry out a successful massage. This article will be sharing a few ideas on how to give your partner a massage.

First Things

If you’re new to the world of giving massage, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of very pleasing, easy massage types that you can perform. The trick is to go in an order that makes sense, and fosters a sense of trust between you both. In general, it’s considered good etiquette to avoid breaking contact so that concentration is maintained for both of you. Remove any jewelry that can distract or injure them of course. You can choose a variety of oils available so that your hands create less. friction. Always use very fluid motions, and try to keep talking limited to sparse positive affirmations.

Start Off With An Easy Neck Massage

The neck is a great place to start when you’re new to giving massages. Place a small amount of your chosen oil on your hands. Be sure to spread it evenly so it doesn’t leave blobs upon application. Begin with trapezius pulls. This will set the tone and get them in the mood to relax.
Pull slowly and lightly outward away from the spine. Keep your movements fluid.

Work Into The Back

Pull down from the trapezius onto the area above the shoulder blades. Repeat this a few times and begin to work into back circles. After 1 – 2 minutes, begin shoulder kneading paying close attention to any spots that seem to be a hard lump, which often referred to as “knots.” At this time, it would be good to do a few shoulder presses at the top of the shoulder blades to release whatever tension they may be carrying. You can ever alternate between the shoulder presses and the back circles. If you can make the transition from the back circles to the shoulder presses without breaking contact, then you are on your way to mastering the art of massaging your partner!

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