When you think of the flavors of fall, nutmeg is bound to come up. It goes perfectly with other fall spices like allspice, cinnamon, and ginger, and there are loads of ways to use it. It also happens to be good for you, with a long list of health benefits. Here are some different ways to use nutmeg during the fall season.


Make Baked Dishes

Nutmeg is commonly used in sweet and savory dishes, often with your baked goods. This spice is used alongside other spices when making baked goods in the fall, such as cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and pies. The fall is the perfect season for making all your spiced baked goods, from pumpkin spice cupcakes to apple pie and snickerdoodle cookies. Nutmeg is wonderful next to other spices like cinnamon, cloves, and even cardamom. Allspice is often used alongside nutmeg in these baked dishes as well.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

One of the most popular ways to use nutmeg in fall baking is in pumpkin spice cupcakes. With the addition of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, nutmeg adds a warm, earthy flavor that complements the pumpkin puree perfectly.

Apple Pie

Apple pie is a classic fall dessert, and nutmeg plays a starring role in its flavor profile. Paired with cinnamon, nutmeg brings a subtle warmth and depth to the sweet, tart apples.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

Snickerdoodle cookies are a fall favorite, and nutmeg adds a spicy touch to their cinnamon-sugar coating. The combination of nutmeg and cinnamon gives snickerdoodles their distinctive taste that’s perfect for the season.

Add Spice to Savory Dishes

While these spices are often used for baked goods, which tend to be on the sweeter side, you can definitely use nutmeg for your savory dishes as well. Try tasting nutmeg on its own, which has more of a nutty flavor than the other fall spices, which gives you a good idea of what dishes it would go perfect with. Try adding a little nutmeg to your soup, stew or chili to warm you up on a chilly night, or try adding it to dishes like lasagna or spaghetti. Some Mexican cuisine can also use a little nutmeg as you experiment with the various flavors you use in the kitchen. Nutmeg also happens to go great with many different vegetable dishes.

Soups and Stews**

Nutmeg is a fantastic addition to soups and stews, adding an earthy and aromatic element that enhances the flavor of your favorite recipes. A pinch of nutmeg can elevate a simple butternut squash soup or add an unexpected twist to a hearty beef stew.

Pasta Dishes

Spice up your pasta dishes with a touch of nutmeg. It works well in both tomato-based and creamy sauces, adding depth and warmth to the flavors. Try incorporating nutmeg into a classic lasagna or spaghetti bolognese for a unique fall-inspired twist.

Vegetable Dishes

Nutmeg can also bring out the best in your fall vegetable dishes. It pairs beautifully with roasted root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes. You can also try adding it to your mashed potatoes or a creamy cauliflower gratin for an extra layer of flavor.

Make Sweet and Spiced Morning Drinks

You can try making some fall drinks for the morning or cold evenings by adding spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. These spices are wonderful when added to your coffee or tea, chai latte, and even your spiced hot chocolate. If you want something cold, you can also use nutmeg and other spices to make a spiced apple cider.

Spiced Coffee or Tea

Give your morning coffee or tea a fall makeover by adding a pinch of nutmeg along with cinnamon and cloves. The warming spices will create a cozy and comforting beverage to start your day off right.

Chai Latte

A chai latte is the perfect way to enjoy the flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon, and other fall spices. Brew up a strong cup of chai tea, then mix it with frothy steamed milk for a delicious and satisfying drink.

Spiced Hot Chocolate

Upgrade your hot chocolate game by adding a touch of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. The spices will complement the rich cocoa flavor, creating a deliciously indulgent beverage that’s perfect for chilly fall evenings.

Spiced Apple Cider

For a refreshing cold drink, try making spiced apple cider with nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. The spices will infuse the cider with a warm and festive flavor that’s perfect for sipping on a crisp autumn day.

Health Benefits of Nutmeg

Nutmeg isn’t just delicious and easy to add to your foods and drinks, but it is good for you. Nutmeg has many health benefits from helping to reduce pain in your body to improving your digestive system. It also helps with detoxifying your body and improving your oral health. As you can see, there are many reasons to use nutmeg during the fall!

Pain Reduction

Nutmeg contains compounds that have been shown to have analgesic properties, making it helpful in reducing pain. This can be particularly beneficial for those dealing with inflammation or muscle aches.

Improved Digestion

Nutmeg has been used for centuries to soothe digestive issues, such as bloating, gas, and indigestion. Its natural compounds can help to stimulate the digestive process, providing relief from various gastrointestinal problems.


Nutmeg is believed to have detoxifying properties, helping your body to rid itself of harmful toxins. This can contribute to overall health and well-being, making nutmeg a valuable addition to your diet.

Oral Health

Nutmeg has antibacterial properties that can help to promote good oral health. Its antimicrobial effects can combat bad breath and help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.


Nutmeg is a versatile and flavorful spice that can be incorporated into a variety of dishes and drinks during the fall season. From baked goods to savory dishes, morning beverages to evening treats, nutmeg brings warmth and depth to your favorite recipes. Additionally, its numerous health benefits make it a valuable addition to your diet. So, go ahead and experiment with this incredible spice and enjoy the flavors and benefits it offers throughout the fall season.


Q1: Can I use nutmeg in both sweet and savory dishes?

A1: Absolutely! Nutmeg is versatile and can be used in a wide range of sweet and savory dishes, from baked goods and desserts to soups, stews, pasta, and vegetable dishes.

Q2: How can I incorporate nutmeg into my morning coffee or tea?

A2: Simply add a pinch of nutmeg along with other spices like cinnamon and cloves to your coffee or tea for a cozy and comforting fall-inspired beverage.

Q3: What are some health benefits of using nutmeg in my diet?

A3: Nutmeg has several health benefits, including pain reduction, improved digestion, detoxification, and promoting good oral health.

Q4: Is it safe to consume nutmeg in large quantities?

A4: While nutmeg is safe to consume in moderate amounts, consuming large quantities can lead to unpleasant side effects. It is always best to use nutmeg sparingly and follow recommended usage guidelines in recipes.

Q5: Can I use nutmeg as a substitute for other fall spices?

A5: Nutmeg has a unique flavor profile and may not be an ideal substitute for other fall spices like cinnamon or cloves. However, it can be used alongside these spices to create a more complex and layered flavor in your dishes.

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