When you are going on a hike, it is a great form of exercise and good way to be out in nature, but there are also some health concerns to be aware of. Here are some things to be on the lookout for when you head outdoors for a hike.

Signs of Ticks

There are a lot of different bugs and insects you might come across, from spiders to mosquitoes, but one of the biggest concerns this summer is the tick. Ticks are not only all over the place, but Lyme disease is increasing, which is a disease that ticks can transfer to you or your pets. It is important to know where ticks hide, how they bite you, and how to remove them. When you are going on a hike, be careful of heavily wooded areas. This is where ticks are going to hide. If you feel a bite on your skin, look closely for signs that a tick is lodged in your skin. With a pair of tweezers, you can pull the tick out before too much harm is done.

Leave the Animals Alone

It can be fun when you’re hiking and you see wild animals like rabbits and squirrels, but it is best that you leave them alone. Even if the wild animals seem friendly, they could be rabid, carry diseases, or cause you harm when you don?t realize it. Leave all wild animals alone, even if it looks like they are approaching you. Just keep along on your hike to keep yourself and the other animals safe during the hike. Alert someone if you. see a more dangerous animal you think others should be aware of.

Find the Highest Point

The reason you want to do this is because it gives you a goal of how far you want to go. Some areas have trails that intersect and just keep going for miles and miles, which could mean you walk further than you thought, and you now have to walk back down.
This is really frustrating when it gets too late to make it back down before dark, especially if you weren’t packed for camping overnight. To avoid this, look for a high point on the hike and use that as a guide for how far you want to go. Track how long it took to reach that high point, as that is how long it takes you to go back down. If you are already pushing the time, it might be a good time to turn around instead of keeping on the trail.

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