When you’re starting or switching to a new exercise program, you may want to consider adding Yoga to your regimen.  This workout doesn’t require any special equipment or complicated knowledge.

It’s a form of exercise that anyone can do and it provides a mix of both physical and mental benefits for your body.  Aside from toning your body and helping you gain flexibility, it also improves your mental fitness.

Yoga is a form of exercise that’s been prevalent in various societies for centuries.  In India, it’s been practiced for more than 3,000 years and has since been embraced by other cultures around the globe.

The word yoga is derived from the word yoke, which means “to bring together mind, body, and spirit.”  Many yoga enthusiasts practice this form of exercise for the claming effect it has on them in bringing peace into their lives.

Some people claim it’s more of a lifestyle than an exercise, and in some regards, they’re right!  It helps you gain control of your breathing while meditating and stretching into various poses that improve your cardiovascular functions.

There are different forms of yoga.  Some are fast-paced poses that focus on strength-training, stamina, and flexibility.  Others, such as Bikram Yoga, are carried out in extremely hot rooms. 

Some use chants in conjunction with meditation, and others employ the use of benches, blocks, chairs, and ropes.  Most yoga participants also have a yoga mat they use during the poses, but it’s not a necessity.

While there are many yoga classes at your local health and fitness centers, you can also practice it at home using a DVD or web-based tutorial.  Regardless of where you participate in yoga training, you’ll want to dress for comfort and not wear shoes.

Yoga is best done at a slow pace – not rushed.  So if you only have 15 minutes t spare in the morning, don’t try to cram a full hours’ worth of exercise into a quarter of the time.  Instead, save the remaining 45 minutes for later in the day as a way to unwind and relax.

The health benefits you’ll derive from practicing yoga will be seen prominently once you begin doing it consistently.  Since much of what’s learned is based on stamina, you’ll gradually see it build and be able to feel the strength you’ve gained from doing a series of poses and practicing flexibility.

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