Home remedies have been used since the beginning of time to treat both common and serious illnesses. Those same remedies that once were the only curative to be found may now cause serious problems if not used correctly and wisely.

Using a Home Remedy

            Today, we take prescription medications that could have harmful reactions if mixed with some home remedies. For example, the popular herb, Ephedra, has been used for weight loss and asthma, but can also cause liver damage if not used properly.

            Many people today are choosing a holistic approach to maintain health — either to avoid the side effects of prescription drugs or to cut medical costs. But some have the belief that since they’re ingesting natural herbs and using products found in the home, they don’t have to worry about dosage and use.

            There are real dangers in using herbal and home remedies arbitrarily. Your doctor should be consulted if you have a serious condition or if you’re taking any type of prescription drugs or if you’re not sure about the dosage when ingesting herbs.

             Herbal and home remedies are increasingly used to cure and prevent illnesses. The sales of herbal supplements in health food stores have increased tenfold from a few years ago.

            If you’re considering using an herbal or home remedy to treat an illness or condition you should remember that some treatments actually do more harm than good. Avoid the following herbs unless you consult with your doctor and have a clear method of using them:

  • Ephedra – Can cause liver damage.
  • Comfrey – Can cause liver damage.
  • Pennyroyal – Can increase your blood pressure and cause miscarriage in pregnant women.
  • Lobelia – Causes coma and possible death if misused.
  • Senna – Causes irregular heartbeat.

            Just because a medicinal remedy is “natural” doesn’t mean that it’s safe to use. Keep in mind that a small amount of an herb can be deadly if misused. You should read all labels and instructions for using the herb and if you have any questions, consult your health care professional.

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